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Wonder of Watercolor:

the tools you need to paint like a pro!

Wondering about watercolors? We’ve got you covered! Join us and learn everything you need to know about the watercolor medium, including what brands/supplies to use, different effects and techniques, and of course how to start a painting. When all’s said and done, you will have the knowledge to create using watercolors on your own!

Painting with Acrylics:

Making the most of a simple medium!

Ever looked at a painting and thought: “I wonder how they did that!”
Here’s your chance to learn!  This class is jam-packed with the information needed to be a successful acrylic painter.  Participants will explore basic color theory, principles of composition and design, and how to use acrylic paint with different brushes to create desired effect on canvas.  While learning these basic components, painters will create a diverse body of work (still life, landscape, and abstract) reflecting the skills, techniques, and ideas that they have learned.

It’s all about Ink, I Think

A technique as old as time!

Ink, ink, ink, in so many ways! Join us to explore the never-ending methods of using this classic medium, such as card making, art journals, and calligraphy pens. Participants will also learn fun and unique techniques like shaving cream/ink on paper, marbling, and more!

Glitter Glue & Giggles

Embrace exploration with intuition.

Help your inner child investigate their creativity! Imaginative and intuitive simple fut funky gel medium activities will foster inspiration and a positive environment for busy attention spans.

Blooms, Bugs & Beasts

Embrace exploration with quick crafts!

Help your artist investigate their creativity. Learn to draw and create using mixed media. These activities will foster inspiration and a positive environment for busy minds!

Pastels, Painting & Possibilities

Anything’s possible through mixed media!

Did you know that you can mix and match different art techniques? Participants will learn how to use oil pastels, chalk pastels, and a basic lesson on acrylic washes and different brushes.  The combination of acrylics with pastels will then be introduced and students will create using mixed media methods!

Learn to Draw, Draw, Draw

A peek inside of the world of drawing!

What exactly does drawing mean? Come join us to learn the basics of shapes, shading and 3D effects through still life exercises. Additional exploration will include lessons in cartooning/ caricature, tangling, and simple one-step animation. Let your imagination run wild with some helpful tips and see what you can create!

Movement, Melodies, & Making

Explore the power of movement in art!

Who doesn’t love singing bowls? Music? How about dancing with your hands(if so moved) and drawing? Come and let the creative juices flow while learning about concepts of gesture, gestalt and contour drawing. These sessions will center on letting loose and embracing free-flowing processes such as drawing to music.

Just Jewelry

A simple and relaxing tour of the popular craft!

Do you love wearing unique and fun pieces of jewelry?  How great would it be to be able to make your own? Join us to learn the basics of beading as well as how to wire wrap materials such as beach glass and more to create amazing wearable works of art!

Personalized Artist Coaching:

What is Artist Coaching?

Art Coaching is the process of assisting an artist to take their creativity to the next level. A coach helps you remove blocks to success,  fills in technical knowledge, and provides a whole host of ideas, techniques and skills to help you develop your skills and hone your talents.  

An art coach is like an elevator operator who takes the artist to the next level. They know how to operate the art system.

Coaching can help with:

  • Knowledge gaps
  • Motivational strategies
  • Encouragement
  • Dealing with artists block
  • Creativity building techniques
  • Stress and relaxation techniques
  • And keeping your inner critic at bay

Who Artist Coaching is for:

Art coaching is for beginning, intermediate, and advanced artists. It’s for anyone who is interested in producing visual artwork and taking their skills to the next level.  It is a one on one experience built directly around your needs and skills.  Mary has a hands-on, process-oriented approach that asks questions like, “Who am I and what am I good at?

Single project and ongoing artistic coaching are available, and studio space is available for coaching clients.

Art Therapy:

Navigating Transition Through Creativity

Art therapy is a  way to explore self-expression and refind joy. It is excellent for people who are in transition.  It’s not just for big stressors like divorce or trauma, art therapy is also well suited for simpler transitions like empty nesting.  

Art therapy is for anyone who is in the process of discovering themselves, creating a pathway to self-actualization. Through the artistic process, my clients engage in discovering themselves and through that process,  successfully navigate life transitions.

Art Therapy for Brain Health

Art Therapy includes treatment for clients with closed-head injuries, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Through the process of creating art, the client finds self-awareness and skills to cope with symptoms, ease the impact of traumatic experiences, and improve cognitive abilities. 

Art Therapy Helps in Many Situations

  • People in transition
  • Empty nesters
  • Talented artists who need an outlet
  • People who are shy
  • PTSD
  • Closed head injuries
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Shyness
  • Have experienced a loss of a loved one
  • Trauma processing
  • Grief processing
  • People in the process of self discovery

Let mary help you discover your healing journey through rediscovering your creativity. 

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