Book a non-scheduled class

Welcome to Studio Retreat's Online appointment scheduler!

Every class includes:

  1. All supplies needed
  2. One 2 hour block of Drop-in art for free. (either on Thursdays from 6pm-8pm, or on  Fridays from 10am-4pm) 
  3. Drop-in Art days can be used for make up of a missed class.

To book a non-scheduled class that we have available:

  1. Click on the day in the month view and choose the time, or click on the week view and click on the time of your choice.
  2. Then fill out the registration form. Choose a medium/theme if you have a preference, and choose the class you would like to attend. (Full class descriptions availaible on each of the “Adult Classes” and the “Kids Classes” pages.)
  3. Click “Create Appointment”. You will then proceed the payment screen for the class or classes you are wanting to attend.
  4. A summary and price will be shown to you. Click “Pay Now” and you will be directed to pay through paypal. Payment through paypal will NOT require you to have a paypal account.
  5. BOOKED!!