Art Classes

Kids Art Classes

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Adult Art Classes

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These are the scheduled classes we offer on a weekly basis


  • Mommy and Me 9:00-9:45 am
  • Art Exploration 4:30-6pm


  • Teen Art class is 4:30-6pm 


  • Watercolor Wonder Class 6-8 pm age 13 up (Adult class)
  • Drop-in Art 6-8 pm all ages


  • Drop-in Art 10am-4pm


  • Art Exploration 10am-12pm

Note: We are not currently offering the Home-School Art class, but it will start back up soon. More info, dates, times and duration will be published here.

Each scheduled class rotates through the list of mediums/themes below at the discretion of the instructor/group*


All of our mediums/themes are fun, and full of inspiration!!

  • Watercolor Wonder– The tools you need to paint like a pro!
  • Pastels, Painting, and possibilities– Anything is possible through mixed media!
  • Painting with Acrylics– Making the most of a simple medium!
  • It’s All About Ink, I Think– A technique as old as time!
  • Learn to Draw, Draw, Draw– A Peak inside the world of drawing!
  • Movement, Melodies, and Making– Explore the power of movement in art!
  • Glitter, Glue, and Giggles/Blooms, Bugs, and Beasts– Embrace exploration with arts ans crafts!
  • Just Jewelry– A simple and relaxing tour of this popular craft!
  • Art Journaling– Enjoy a personal artistic journey through collage!
  • Mixed Media– Have you ever wanted to create with total freedom? Or abstract art? This is the class for you!
  • Mandalas, Meditation, and Mindfulness– A stress relieving practice! 

Choose from any of the mediums above for  any of the one-on-one lessons/coaching sessions, or for the group art class.

Choose from any of the mediums above for your one-on-one lessons/coaching sessions, or for a private group art class.