About Mary Ablao

About Mary Ablao

Growing up

Mary embarked upon her artistic journey at a very young age. Born in Seattle, Mary spent many summers on the West Coast, as she gave way to a living sense that life is an adventure. She was raised in a large family by peace activists parents in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, MI. In the hippy commune setting of the 1970’s, she joyfully learned to make everything from sand candles to soaps to painting, (you name it) from a very young age. Mary first took formal art lessons during elementary school-age. As a child she consistently drew what she observed around her.

Artist Philosophy

As a mixed media abstract expressionist impressionist exploring and trusting her institution as she creates and lives in the moment. Ever enthusiastic and joyful, she draws her artistic inspiration from nature, personal relationships, and following her gift of intuition. She believes passionately about the trans-formative power of art. For her, “Art is the ultimate power of being”; its healing power and beauty of art is shared to as many people as possible, young and older alike.  Her greatest wish is to encourage and inspire creativity in others, so that they may enhance the quality of their lives and others.

Education & Credentials

After Graduating Central High School, she continued her art studies first at Western Michigan University and then at Michigan State University. She moved to Laingsburg after graduating from MSU in 1985 with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) double majoring in Art and Psychology. She broadened her education and experience by studying art history abroad in London, England. She then earned a Masters degree in Professional Studies/Art Therapy from the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Mary has been a registered Art Therapist since 1993. Mary is a certified Rolling Reader, and has completed Crisis De-escalation Training.

Mary also offers commission work for family portraits, pet portraits, and more! Get a painting of a photo you bring in! For more information or to schedule a consultation appointment, call Mary at (517) 230-5838!


Mary’s work has been exhibited in the White House Christmas Exhibit during the Clinton Administration, Flint Art Museum, University of Michigan Gifts and Arts exhibits, Petoskey Art Show, Alpena Art Show, Michigan Historical Museum, Design 309, Michigan Women’s Historical Museum, Lansing Art Gallery, and various art venues in Saugatuck, Holland, and Muskegeon, MI. As well as private collections in Michigan, Washington, Colorado, Chicago Illinois, and Washington DC.

Some of Her Work-

Current Gallery

This exhibit was born from a contemporary place, as a response to shift of space and perceived reality after the 2016 election. One moment was charging forward as a probability to an instantaneous metamorphosis changed to another surprised outcome. Mary’s recent art is characterized as simple yet layered in images that change right before your eyes. Her work is magical, mystical, metaphysical, deeply in the moment and moves to the next moment in time to a new context. The sense of dark drama and glimmers of hope through discovery is displayed in a way that involves you (the viewer) and takes your breath away.

"Small But Mighty" Collection -Various Media